As humans develop and workplaces place more demand on rigid forms of posture, we’ve see an increase interest in the world of Pilates.

Being a methodology focused to re-educate the body, Pilates became the Church for the western world from about the year 2000 onwards. Society saw a wave of ignorance broken, opening the curtains to find out, no… Pilates isn’t just laying on your back squeezing imaginary muscles, hyperventilating and jiggling bits that make your mother-in-law look at you like you’ll be in an early grave!!

Those questionable saddlebags aside (no matter how rapidly they seemed to appear,) Pilates washed its holy water over our postural compensations and muscular imbalances.  And we found out… this stuff is goooood.

So what does Pilates do for me, and how can this be relevant for my body? Well, the method affects everyone differently. The foundations aim to strengthen muscles that are weak, lengthen muscles that are too short and mobilise joints that don’t move as well as they should.  Let’s work with an example; if you have short hip flexor muscles, you will benefit from repertoire that exercises the abdominals and the hip extensor muscles (Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings).  Throw in some hip stretches, and you’ve hit the nail right on the head.  You can read more into this tit-for-tat between muscle groups by Googling: Antagonistic muscles.

In a group situation, the program is based around the 5 most common postures types that we, as instructors see. Aiming to offer a general workout, with equal emphasis on strength, stretch and body awareness.  If you’re unsure if the group environment is tailored enough for you, or if you’re in need of a more personalised program, contact the studio for a 1 on 1 session.

So if you’re sick of power walking by the river clutching fluorescent mini dumbbells, waddle “Kath’n’Kel” style into our doors and let heaven shine down from above. The studio is the church, the teachers are disciples, the bible is Pilates and God is still Meryl Streep.  Sorry not sorry Jo Jo.

“On the eighth day, God created Pilates and she said: KEEP BREATHING AND SUCK IT IN! Amen.” – My lower back tattoo