We offer a variety of classes and memberships designed to give our clients a boutique pilates experience.

Get Reformed

Our classes are challenging and fun and our instructors are experienced and full of energy. We’ll make sure you feel muscles you never knew existed!

Our group reformer and matwork pilates classes are limited to 9 members so that our team can ensure you receive that extra attention.

The clinical studio sessions are for those members looking for a semi or private program using the clinical pilates equipment.

Class Schedule


We offer all new clients our RPCo Intro Package which is 8 classes for $99! That’s just over $12 a class and gives you access to every group class in the studio for one month from your first class! If you don’t think you are able to attend this many times during the month, our alternative Intro Package is 5 classes for $75! Please choose which Intro Pack suits your lifestyle best.

Our classes are small in size so please don’t worry if you have no prior Pilates experience! Our instructors will look after you and assist you throughout the class to teach you the set up of the reformer machine. Please inform your instructor that you are new to the studio and if you have any injuries or concerns that they need to be aware about.

Our open level classes in Applecross include matwork and reformer, which sometimes may feature props such as a jump board for that extra cardio workout, foam roller for stretch and release or an extra balance challenge and plenty more! There will always be the option to do a beginner, intermediate, or advanced option in the class that you can choose to do. We also have different spring options which will assist in making an exercise a little easier or a little more challenging. Always let your instructor know if you need assistance as they are there to help!

You should go ahead and book these classes as soon as you have purchased your introductory pack so that you can get into your preferred timeslot.  Our classes fill quickly so you can always add yourself to the waitlist.  By ensuring your account notifications are turned on, you will receive an automated text message and email notifying you if you have been added to the class. You can also check the booking system just before the class starts to see if a last minute spot has become available. Please also remember to bring socks to each and every class for hygiene and safety reasons. Pilates grip socks are also available to purchase for $18 at the studio if needed.

If you are looking for clinical pilates sessions we will schedule you a private consultation with one of our practitioners.  This initial assessment will include a full history, muscle testing and some gentle exercises to ensure we can tailor a workout specifically for your body.  After this consult, we will discuss with you the best way to continue with us in the clinical setting, either with additional private or semi-private sessions.

For your initial assessment please contact the studio to schedule a suitable time.

When you walk in, you can place your belongings at the end of the reformer and take a seat on your machine. Your instructor will then sign you into class. The class will always start and finish with a standing roll down which is a nice way to see your flexibility improve after just one hour of exercise.

All our group classes are open level – this means beginners, intermediate and advanced are all welcome. The way the exercises are taught are with either different levels of an exercise (example part a, b, c) or different spring options to assist or challenge you. If ever you do not feel comfortable in an exercise, please let your instructor know immediately and they can give you a modification that suits you.

When an exercise has different progressions, sometimes the instructor may mention, stick with the previous version if that is what you are comfortable with. This is because the class caters for all levels, and they want you to be safe in the class. If you choose the next version, you are always welcome to return back to the previous exercise if this suited your needs better.

All group classes will be different each time to give you variety in your pilates class. Even regular clients who have been coming more than 10 years can be surprised by new exciting exercises to learn.

Please always communicate with your instructors how you are feeling especially if anything is not feeling right, as we are here to help you get the most out of your work out. Your safety is important to us.

Our clinical pilates studio is for those clients wanting private or semi-private attention. It can help you with any rehabilitation needs you may have whether it be lower back pain, rectus abdominus diastasis (abdominal separation after child birth), hip or knee pain or replacement – pre or post operative rehabilitation, shoulder injuries such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, bursitis or tendinitis and many other injuries.

We first require a private session for an initial assessment. This is to cover your health history and perform any muscle testing that may be needed to assist in programming your sessions to improve your injury. We will then provide you with homework to assist in your rehabilitation process.

It is also for those who would like to get more out of their group classes by having the private or semi-private attention to focus on their technique or any specific goals they may have. For example core strengthening, improving shoulder mechanics or trying to improve flexibility may be your goal. The clinical pilates session can be tailored to suit any needs you may have.

Please contact the studio if you would like to book into a session and we will find a time that is suitable for you.

Please contact the studio and let us know what days and times you are available.

We will then find you an instructor that suits your availability and book you in for your initial assessment which is a private session.

This is to cover your health history and perform any muscle testing that may be needed to assist in programming your sessions to improve your injury or focus on your goals. We will then provide you with homework to assist in your rehabilitation process.

The initial sessions will focus on stretch and release of tight muscle areas, followed by mobility (bringing back movement to your spine) and then work towards strengthening exercises.

If ever there is anything specific you would like to work on, please always let your instructor know.

Come dressed in comfortable, activewear that will allow you to move freely. Bring your water bottle, grip socks and be prepared to have fun and get a total body workout.

Grip socks are essential for class for both safety and hygiene reasons. You can purchase grip socks from the studio. Clients forgetting their socks will be required to purchase grip socks.

Workout towels are not required as we wipe down the machines after each use.

At RPCO. our vision is for pilates to become part of the everyday routine for the community.  For that reason, we have a full schedule offering both morning and evening classes and our memberships offer pricing options to suit everyone.

We realise that life is busy and everyone has their own commitments.  Any time that you can get your body to move more freely is of benefit to you so even if that means you can only come to class once a week, then we would love to see you.  Ideally, your pilates practice should be twice a week for you to notice and feel the benefits of pilates.

The RPCo studio in Applecross is a boutique studio.  Our group classes have been kept to a maximum of 9 so bookings are absolutely essential.

You can book via the bookings page which will take you to the booking system called – Mindbody.

You can download the Mindbody app where you will need to verify your email address and then it will give you access to booking into classes. Please use this link to access the app: get.mndbdy.ly/s1ud/SRKKOTaWVs

Our small group classes can be requested for your personal time preference by contacting the studio.

Our classes are very popular and if a class is showing as fully booked you can choose to join the waitlist. Positions on the waitlist often become available.

If a position in your chosen class becomes available, you will be sent an email or a text message. You can respond and you will be added to the class. It is also your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist if you can no longer attend that class. Please make sure your account notifications are turned on to receive the text and email.

The 12 hours prior to the class commencing, if someone late cancels, the studio will text the waitlist letting you know there is a spot available but sometimes if someone cancels during the middle of the night, the studio may not see it and you are able to bypass the waitlist function and book yourself into the class to confirm your spot.

This is especially helpful if you are waitlisted for the morning classes. If you see a spot available – please book in!

If a class is full, you can join the waitlist for the class. If a position becomes available, you will be sent an email or a text message (you must select your notifications to be ON in your account). You can respond and you will be added to the class.

It is also your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist if you can no longer attend that class to allow others the opportunity to waitlist and attend.

You can also bypass the waitlist 12 hours prior to the class commencing if someone late cancels which will allow you to book in to confirm your spot.

Due to the demand for classes in the studio, you are required to cancel any booking that you are unable to make.  You can do this by logging into our booking system.

To ensure that other clients on the waitlist have enough time to make it to class, there is a strict cancellation policy.

For group pilates, sessions that are not cancelled within 12 hours will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and the cost of the class will be forfeited.

For clinical studio pilates, sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and the cost of the class will be forfeited.

If you realise that you cannot make it to class, please ensure you cancel, even if it is a ‘late cancel’, to ensure those sessions become available for others.

Further to the above, if you do not make it to your chosen session without cancelling the class, there is an additional no show fee of $10.00 per class as well as the cost of the class being forfeited.

This is a blanket policy due to our studio being small in size and our classes often waitlisted. It allows for another client to attend the class that may otherwise have missed out.

If you do not show to more than three consecutive classes, your booking access will be suspended until you contact the studio.

Our memberships are the cheapest option designed to give you the most bang for your buck! They allow you to come 2, 3 or 4 times per week dependent on which membership you select. They say in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.

You will receive all sessions up front for the month and can use them how you wish. For example if on the 2 x per week membership, you will receive 9 sessions for the month. You can use these sessions up in the first three weeks if you were going away in the fourth week of the month.

Our 10 pack option is slightly more expensive but it does give you the flexibility of a 3 month expiry. This is a great option for those travelling regularly who can’t commit to a membership.

Please note our memberships are 3 month contracts which consists of 3 monthly payments. They do automatically renew at the end of the contract and if you wish to downgrade your membership or cancel, we do require one month’s notice.

Changes to the insurance environment as a result of Government Legislation means that pilates will no longer be covered by private health funds. This is unfortunate as the cost of preventative health is cheaper than the cost of rehabilitation. Hopefully Pilates can assist in keeping you healthy for the future.

Congratulations! And yes of course! Keeping active is great during pregnancy especially in preparation for strengthening all the muscles needed to carry your new little one.

As we are a small studio with a maximum of 9 clients, we can accommodate your needs in a group class as all of our instructors are trained to provide pregnancy safe modifications. If you are new to Pilates, a private clinical session is recommended to teach you some of the modifications to help assist you have a better understanding during the group classes.

It is also recommended that you consult your doctor in regards to laying on your back before attending any group classes.

Please contact the studio if you have any other questions or concerns.

We look forward to meeting you.

Once you have purchased your intro package the best class to book is the Mobility class which is at a slower pace. Alternatively, you can attend any open level class and we will provide modifications for any special circumstances.

Our reformer and matwork pilates are adult level classes and some level of body awareness and strength is assumed. Through the teenage years, people’s bodies are still developing general strength and stability. A person’s body is going through many changes at this age, including the many activities of this age group.

Anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to participate in our clinical pilates supervised sessions. Once an instructor is satisfied they have the appropriate pilates knowledge then they may be able to attend a group class once it is safe to do so.

You can view RPCo Studio Policies and Membership Terms and Conditions here.


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The studio is only open during class times.

For classes please visit our Timetable.

Please note, we do not have a reception.

For assistance outside of these hours please email the studio and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Reformed Pilates Team.

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