We offer a variety of classes and memberships designed to offer our clients a boutique pilates experience.

Get Reformed

Our classes are challenging and fun and our instructors are experienced and full of energy. We’ll make sure you feel muscles you never knew existed!

Our group reformer and matwork pilates classes are limited to 8 members so that our team can ensure you receive that extra attention.

The RPCo. studio classes are for those members looking for a semi or private program using clinical pilates equipment.


Designed for new members, the Intro Package includes a 60 minute intro class.

The introductory class is a must for all new clients. In this session you learn the pilates principles and we will show you how to safely use the reformer machines.

After the introductory class you will be ready to come to any of the regular RPCO. Classes

$60 for 5 classes



A whole body workout designed using the reformer machine.  A series of exercises that uses spring resistance and props to develop core strength, improve posture, mobility and flexibility.  You will definitely feel all of your muscles!

Casual – $35

10 class pass – $295

Monthly memberships – $235/month (9 classes per month) equals $26 per class



Working against your own body weight you will be guided through a series of exercises designed to challenge your body awareness and ability to control balance and flexibility.  Our matwork classes can incorporate a range of pilates equipment and packages include access to yoga.

Casual – $22

10 class pass – $200

Monthly Memberships – $170/month (9 classes per month) equals $18 per class



Get the best of both worlds and incorporate elements of reformer and matwork based pilates workouts.  This includes access to yoga classes.

10 class pass (5 mat and 5 reformer) – $247

Monthly Memberships – $215/month (9 classes per month) equals $23 per class


The RPCo. Unlimited Membership is for those members looking to take their pilates practice into their everyday routine.

You will have access to any class, any day (excludes the studio classes and semi or private classes).

$290/month (17 classes per month) equals $17 per class



Being pregnant can be hard enough without having to worry about what exercises are safe to do!!

We will design specialised pregnancy classes, limited to a maximum of 8 participants so that we can focus on your individual needs. Our pregnancy classes will still be challenging and you will definitely feel like you’ve got a workout.

Casual – $35

10 class pass – $320



We will focus on all those areas of the body that need the most attention (think abs, arms and butts) and also ensure that we realign any imbalances from carrying multiple kids and all the shopping!

This class is perfect for anyone looking to spend some time on themselves and at 7:30pm it’s perfect for getting those little people into bed first!

Casual – $35

10 class pass – $295



Programs tailored to your individual body and posture goals including assistance with injury recovery. Exercises are completed using the full range of clinical and studio pilates equipment.

Casual – $45/$60/$110

5 class pass – $200/$270/$499

10 class pass – $380/$520/$950

Class Schedule

*Please log in to the BOOKING SYSTEM to ensure the latest class



Owner and Director

Lauren started pilates over 10 years ago when arthritis in both knees meant that doing many forms of exercise had become extremely painful.  After seeing and feeling results in her own body, a hobby quickly turned into a passion.  After years of gaining body and postural awareness as a client, Lauren decided to take her knowledge to the next level and obtained her Stott International Certification.  At the time of completing her training Lauren was working in the corporate world but the pull to help others realise the profound benefits of pilates and how those benefits translate to their everyday life was too strong.  Lauren became an instructor at LIVe in Applecross and The Pilates Lab in Scarborough and North Fremantle before creating Reformed Pilates Co.

Lauren loves to transfer the knowledge and passion she has gained through her training and delivers strong, technique focused classes with high energy.  Lauren’s favourite thing about pilates is helping clients to be able to do things they never thought their body could do.

Lauren founded Reformed Pilates Co. to offer people of all levels boutique, small group pilates classes where every member feels like they receive a tailored total body workout.


All new clients should start by either completing the RPCO. Intro Package or the Reformer Essentials Package.

The Intro Package includes a 60 minute introductory class where we guide you through some essential information about technique and the machines.  It then provides you with access to 4 classes so you can try any of our reformer or matwork sessions.

If you are looking for clinical pilates sessions we will schedule you a private consultation with one of our practitioners.  This initial assessment will include a full history, postural assessment and muscle testing to ensure we can tailor a workout especially for your body.  After this consult, we will discuss with you the best way to continue with us in the clinical setting, either with additional private, semi-private or small group sessions.

For your initial assessment please contact our office to schedule a suitable time.

Come dressed in comfortable, activewear that will allow you to move freely.  Bring your water bottle, grip socks and be prepared to have fun and get a total body workout.

Grip socks are essential for class for both safety and sanitary reasons.  You can purchase grip socks from the studio.  Clients forgetting their socks will be required to purchase grip socks.

Please do not bring workout towels with you as we wipe down the machines after each use.

At RPCO. our vision is for pilates to become part of the everyday routine for the community.  For that reason, we have a full schedule offering both morning and evening classes and our memberships offer pricing options to suit everyone.

We realise that life is busy and everyone has their own commitments.  Any time that you can get your body to move more freely is of benefit to you so even if that means you can only come to class once a week, then we would love to see you.  Ideally, your pilates practice should be twice a week for you to notice and feel the benefits of pilates.

The RPCO. studio in Applecross is a boutique studio.  Our group classes have been kept to a maximum of 8 so bookings are absolutely essential.

Similarly, our small group and semi and private clinical studio pilates requires clients to book in to those sessions.

Our classes are very popular and if a class is showing as fully booked you can choose to join the waitlist.  Positions on the waitlist often become available.  If a position in your chosen class becomes available, you will be sent an email or a text message.  You can respond and you will be added to the class.

Due to the demand for classes in the studio, you are required to cancel any booking that you are unable to make.  You can do this by logging into our booking system.

To ensure that other clients on the waitlist have enough time to make it to class, there is a strict cancellation policy.

For group pilates, sessions that are not cancelled within 6 hours will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and the cost of the class will be forfeited.

For studio pilates, sessions that are not cancelled within 24 hours will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and the cost of the class will be forfeited.

If you realise that you cannot make it to class, please ensure you cancel, even if it is a ‘late cancel’, to ensure those sessions become available for others.

Further to the above, if you do not make it to your chosen session without cancelling the class, there is a no show fee of $10.00 per class.

If you do not show to more than three consecutive classes, your booking access will be suspended until you contact the studio.

Changes to the insurance environment as a result of Government Legislation means that pilates will no longer be covered by private health funds.

The Baby Body Bounce Back class is for mums with children of any age – lets face it, our babies never really stop being our babies!  Mums sometimes need to make time for themselves, away from the kid,s to focus on themselves.  This class is a beautiful way to get back into pilates, ensuring you are using the correct technique whilst gaining strength and mobility.  We will focus on reactivating all those deep core stabilisers and you will definitely leave feeling like you got a total body workout.  In no time at all, you’ll be ready to join any one of our open level classes.

Our reformer and matwork pilates are adult level classes and some level of body awareness and strength is assumed.  Through the teenage years, people’s  bodies are still developing general strength and stability.  A person’s body is going through many changes at this age, including the many activities of this age group.

Anyone under the age of 21 is welcome in any of our small group or private sessions – both of which are in the clinical setting.  Once an instructor is satisfied they have the appropriate pilates knowledge then they may be able to attend a group class.

You can view RPCo General Terms and Conditions here.

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