Terms and Conditions

1. Under a membership plan you authorise monthly payments to Reformed Pilates Co. These payments will be debited from a credit card or direct debited from your bank account. Your contract consists of the nominated number of sessions per week and these will be provided to you, in total on a monthly basis. So that, on a monthly basis you will be allocated the appropriate amount of classes.

2. Any credit card or debit card transactions may incur a credit card fee from Ezidebit. These charges will not be absorbed by Reformed Pilates Co. These fees may change from time to time.

3. Unfortunately this means we cannot refund any purchases and all monthly accounts payments will need to be made in full. If you decide you no longer can use your membership plan, any remaining payments will need to be paid.

4. If you miss a week or two, you will not be credited the classes you cannot attend.

5. If you cancel a group class within 12 hours of that class being scheduled, this will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and that session will still be deducted from your membership plan.

6. If you cancel a studio/clinical class within 24 hours of that class being scheduled, this will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and that session will still be deducted from your membership plan.

7. If you book a class and fail to attend, that session will still be deducted and a no show fee of $15.00 per class will be deducted from the direct debit details Reformed Pilates Co. has on file.

8. If you fail to attend more than three classes you have booked into, your booking access will be suspended until you contact Reformed Pilates Co to discuss the requirements.

9. Your monthly payments may sometimes decline because of card problems, security reasons or funding issues. If this occurs we will apply a small fee of $5.00 to your next payment to cover the costs of resolving the payment decline.

10. Membership plans will automatically be renewed at the end of the membership plan period. The details of your renewed membership plan will re-appear when you log in and will need to be re-confirmed. Renewed membership plans can be cancelled at anytime in writing however any previous payments cannot be refunded.

11. Membership plans can be upgraded at any time (new contract period applies).

12. Sessions can be booked 30 days in advance. For further advanced bookings you will need to contact the office.

13. You may request an extension to your membership plan period if you are going away or are unwell, or just need a little more time. You can request a 2 week extension for every 3 months of your membership plan. The authority to grant the extension is at the discretion of Reformed Pilates Co.

14. Reformed Pilates Co may close for Christmas, Easter and Public Holidays.

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